Museum Business Plan

Executive Summary

Grantham Museum dates back to the 1880’s when groups of academics and antiquarians formed the Grantham Philosophical Society and the Grantham Scientific Society. The museum was originally founded in 1890 by Henry Preston and the Grantham Scientific Society as a private facility. After moving into public premises in 1926 its administration fell to the Grantham Museum Guild, until 1984 when Lincolnshire County Council took control. In 2010, the council proposed to close the museum, a decision influenced by over stretched public finances and visitor numbers of 19,000 pa that are considered to be too low.
The decision to close the museum was not well received in the local community. News which prompted the Grantham business community to look into how the museum could be kept open and further developed. At early meetings in June 2010, it became clear that there was sufficient enthusiasm and commitment from the community to work together to explore how indeed the museum could be kept open in Grantham. Members from across the community representing business, education, heritage and local residents, formed a committee to look at the options. The committee recognised the strengths that the heritage of Grantham offered to local area. As the local economy had notably suffered in recent decades due to the decline in manufacturing and a shifting retail economy, the opportunity to establish a strong and successful tourist industry in Grantham and the surrounding area was heavily dependent on maintaining a functioning museum to act as a focal point. Grantham Community Heritage Association (GCHA) decided to meet with Lincolnshire County Council and register their interest in taking over the running of the museum.

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