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About the Museum

The Grantham Museum was founded by a local dignitary Henry Preston in the early twentieth century. In the past the Museum housed both a collection of artefacts and a public library. The Museum is now being operated by the Grantham Community Heritage Association.

About the GCHA

In early 2011 the Grantham Community Heritage Association (GCHA) was formed by a group of local volunteers to manage Grantham Museum. Hundreds of people volunteered to help support the provision of a viable local museum that would preserve the town’s heritage.

In June 2011, Councillor Richard Davies chaired the first Annual General Meeting of the GCHA. The meeting, held in the medieval library of the Kings School which once witnessed the schooling of a young Sir Isaac Newton, elected a Board of Trustees responsible for the operation of the Museum.

The GCHA is particularly grateful for the invaluable support from local schools, colleges and businesses. The Grantham Journal and BBC have been particularly supportive in keeping the preservation of Grantham Museum in the local news.

The GCHA worked towards towards re-opening the Museum in time to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, and the Museum has been open ever since. To continue this, the GCHA is establishing contact with local educational establishments, charities, business and community groups to share innovative ideas on the future of the Museum.

If you can spare the time and energy, please contact the Grantham Community Heritage Association using this website or by e-mailing volunteers@granthammuseum.org.uk. You can also become a friend of the Museum for regular updates on the project, including information on the collection and forthcoming exhibitions.

To keep informed of current events and exhibitions, why not visit Grantham Museum’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, or subscribe to our newsletter?

Donating Artefacts to the Museum

GCHA Ltd have a strict policy on receiving items into our collection. We are currently not adding to our collection and would ask members of the public to refrain from sending items to us, as we will not be able to take responsibility for ensuring their safe keeping.

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